DAS STUDIO is a Berlin based design, arts and strategy studio with a focus on brands, editorial and creative direction in the cultural and commercial sector.

DAS STUDIO is run by Pascal Schöning

DAS STUDIO is an independent design studio at the intersection of design, arts and strategy.


DAS STUDIO SCHÖNING delivers exceptional brand design, editorial   design, and creative direction services with over 25 years of experience and international reach.


Our focus on design, arts, and strategy allows us to create brilliant brand experiences that seamlessly blend strategy, haptic elegance, digital  touchpoints, and live experiences , resulting in tangible designs that truly make an impact.


With a typographic and editorial heritage, DAS STUDIO combines narratives and aesthetics in every project.


Profile & Services

DAS STUDIO is an independent and interdisciplinary studio that works at the intersection of design, arts and strategy.


Creative Direction

Editorial Design

Brand Design

UX & UI Design

Self Publishing



Art Direction

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Brand Direction

Brand Strategy

Content Strategy

Brand Experience


Vita & Studio

Pascal Schöning


since 2012 DAS STUDIO SCHÖNING Creative Director

2020 - 2020 muehlhausmoers, Berlin, Managing Board – CD

2019 - 2019 Strichpunkt Design, Berlin, Creative Direction

2014 - 2015 ZimmermannEditorial, Cologne, CEO – CD

2006 - 2012 muehlhausmoers, Cologne – Berlin, CD

2006 - 2006 BMZ+more (Publicis), Düsseldorf, Junior AD

2005 - 2006 FSW, Cologne, Junior Art Director

2004 - 2005 Kuhn, Kammann und Kuhn, Cologne, Volunteer

Internship vierviertel, design agency, Cologne



Educational Background


2000 - 2004

Visual Communication and Typography at FH Hannover,

Graduation in visual communication (Dipl. Des., grade 1)


1996 - 1999

Fachoberschule für Gestaltung, Cologne, Graduation



was founded in Cologne in 2012 as a multidisciplinary design studio and works for companies, startups and agencies. In 2018, Das Studio moved half to the heart of Berlin, where it is still located today.


Das Studio works remotely for international institutions, the cultural sector, international brands and emerging startups.


Run by Pascal Schöning.




2016 German Design Award

2015 IF Design Award

2014 IF Communication design award

2014 Mercury Award

2013 German Design Award Nominee

2012 red dot award

2012 Galaxy Gold Award

2012 BCP Gold Award, Silver Award

2012 ARC Gold Award

2012 Fox Award, Gold, Silver

2012 Astrid Award, Gold, Silver, New York

2012 Vision Award, Platin, Gold

2012 Mercury Grand, Gold, New York

2011 International Corporate Media Award

2011 red dot award - Annual+Editorial

2011 Vision Award, Platin and Gold

2011 Fox Award

2011 Designpreis Deutschland

2011 European Design Award

2011 BCP Award

2011 Astrid Award, New York

2011 Mercury Award, Grand, Honor, NY

2010 IF Communication design award

2010 Astrid Award, New York

2009 DDC - Award

2009 Bleiwüste - Book release

2009 Escehaeriefte - by TGM

2009 red dot award - Annuals

2009 red dot award - Editorial

2009 Berliner Type Award, B2B - Mag

2009 Berliner Type Award, B2C - Reports

2009 BCP Gold Award

2008 european excellence award

2008 red dot award - Editorial

2007 Astrid Award, New York

2007 Mercury Award, New York

2006 Econ Award

2006 BCP Award

2006 Astrid Award, New York

2005 Best New 18/1

2004 :output award, silver winner

2004 Der Fisch im Affenstall, "Page" 12/04




DAS STUDIO believes that great design is more than just aesthetics


Our approach to design is centered on building relationships with audiences by understanding their needs and delivering emotional entertainment through strong brand assets and relevant content. We merge analytic consultancy with an open mindset to develop smart ideas that resonate with people's lives. We work with great empathy and a deep understanding of narrative journalism and imagery across all channels.


DAS STUDIO has worked with clients from all over the world, helping them build strong brands, create compelling editorial content, and design innovative products. We cater to a diverse range of clients, from international brands like REWE, Allianz Direct, and Porsche to small businesses and startups. We believe that the best results come from working closely with our clients, listening to their feedback, and being transparent throughout the design process.


At DAS STUDIO, we value sustainability and strive to create seamless designs that are not only tangible and visually appealing but also environmentally conscious.


Allianz Direct, Arag, Audi, Bayer, BMW, Campus Verlag, Condé Nast, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Standards, Deutscher Ärzteverlag, DOM, Ecosign, Electronic Arts, e-on, Ergo, FAZ, Fidelity, Frame Magazine, Gruner + Jahr, GoPro, Henkel, High Snobiety, Hornbach, Hyundai, KPMG, Lanxess, Medienfabrik, Mercedes Benz, Niggli Verlag, PepperParties, Porsche, REWE, SAP, Sennheiser, Sentido, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, T-Com, Total, Toyota, TUI, Typografische Gesellschaft München, Vattenfall, Vivico, Vivento, Vorwerk, WDR …

DAS STUDIO has a strong network of renowned specialists from different creative fields, including digital design, motion design, illustration, and photography. Our international creative network allows us to offer exclusive multidisciplinary solutions that bring communication concepts to life.


With our heritage in classic typography, we combine all disciplines under the art and creative direction of DAS STUDIO.



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